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Health Check - ProServices

Health Check - ProServices

Your requirements change, and so do the demands on your system. Or maybe you’re new to the job and unsure of the solution’s capabilities. Our Globalscape specialists can review your system’s operation, investigate any support issues, and make updates/upgrades as needed.

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Technical Account Manager

Companies are driven to reduce costs and improve operational efficiencies through technological innovation. This naturally translates into a growing number of IT projects on which success or failure can hinge on the ability to complete these projects on time, within budget, and to specification. In fact, 75% of IT managers feel that IT projects are doomed to fail.

Quick Start

A Globalscape Certified Professional will install and configure the solution, test it thoroughly, train your staff on basic operation and architecture, and document the settings. Get it done right the first time, with a system that’s fully ramped up and ready for you to put it to work.