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PRIMEUR Data Mover En Vedette Populaire !

PRIMEUR Data Mover

Modern organizations daily face the challenge to integrate different applications, business partners, IoT, Cloud and mobile apps, with secure data exchange flows. This integration process is always more and more related to data management, data transfer and data control. Indeed, applications need to process and share files (where most transferred data is held) and use them to communicate with each other. The continuous increase and variety of data exchanged, both inside companies and externally with third parties like customers, partners and suppliers, has become critical and forces most organizations to manage multiple file transfer protocols on different IT platforms and applications.

This situation needs a specific and secure IT strategy, especially today that files generated, processed and transferred are growing at an ever-increasing rate, multiplying the risks in terms of security, compliance and SLAs. The direct result is the increase in costs and data loss, creating serious operational problems and affecting productivity and profits.

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PRIMEUR DATA ONE® is the new Primeur Hybrid Data Integration Platform. Modular, scalable and capable of connecting third-party tools, it has been designed to simplify and accelerate all Data Integration processes while keeping integration dataflows always under control.